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“The experience to connect my thought pattern deeply rooted within and connecting them to my emotions have been life changing. Participating in this group has allowed me to see firsthand how we work out the places of being “stuck” and to experience it inside myself. Powerful!”

“Diane’s guidance helped me find my way out of the darkness. It was not easy working through the guilt, fear, anger and sorrow that corroded my life, but it was entirely worth it. By the end of our two years working together I felt rejuvenated in a way that I had not experienced before — I was ready to live my life without the weight of my past. I am incredibly grateful for Diane’s guidance and compassion.”


“Where do I start? First of all, I am eternally grateful for all that you (Diane) have shown me. You’ve helped bring me to where I am today, one step closer to my recovery. You’ve made me laugh; made me cry and made me feel the love I was never shown. I never thought anybody cared for me and you have shown me different. You are the counselor of the year in my heart.”

“I began working with Diane to learn how to manage my anger, understand my emotions a little bit better, find balance in my life, create boundaries in my relationships, and learn to embrace the major life decisions involved with a major change in career path. In just under a year later, I am refreshed and renewed by the progress that I have made with Diane’s assistance. As compared to the other therapists with whom I have worked, Diane creates a proactive relationship with her clients which emphasizes personal responsibility and fosters a spiritual growth that I have never experienced in more traditional forms of therapy. As always, she comes highly recommended by me as one of the best therapists I have encountered in the Lehigh Valley.”

“The psychodrama class was very therapeutic and rewarding for me. The intimate connection with the group allowed me to relax and trust the process. Diane’s guidance and leadership in the group gave me the strength and confidence to fully participate. The process of having individuals embody some of my behaviors or sub-personalities provided me an understanding and clarity into myself. Not only was the class rewarding but fun and exciting.”

“Moving darkness to light is exactly what Diane has done for me along my personal healing journey. Her compassion and skills, coupled with psychodrama therapy helped move me toward a healthier and happier self. I am forever grateful for Diane’s experience, strength, and hope that she offers her clients in individual sessions, intensive weekends, and group sessions. Her creativity and passion are evident in her work with people from all backgrounds, and I have witnessed great strides in my own recovery with her support.”

“Although I’ve worked with other therapists at various times in my life, Diane is like no other. She’s kind, compassionate and is willing to go to those “difficult places” that most folks wouldn’t want to go to. She’s interested in healing the whole of me and not just a particular issue. I’m amazed at how much passion Diane has about helping people to heal and the satisfaction she gets out of it. After about 8 months of talk therapy which literally helped me save my life, Diane suggested I participate in the psychodrama group as it would help me heal other areas. I was super hesitant at first but my need to heal became greater than my fear. The group consisted of folks with a mixture of experience levels… from veterans to newbies. The sessions always started out with exercises that helped everyone to feel more relaxed and to get to know each other better. By the end of the first session, my anxiety level went down considerably. There is no pressure for anyone to do anything they’re not comfortable with. There is a lot of respect fostered to ensure everyone feels comfortable. I was a little skeptical at how much I would benefit from psychodrama but figured I’d never find out if I didn’t take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised at how much it helped me. It gave me a sense that I’m not the only one going through a particular issue and not alone in my various life experiences. I also learned to become a better listener and not jump in with solutions. During the summer, I also participated in an intensive weekend with Diane and two other ladies. The intensive weekend was a more intimate setting where we healed but also laughed and had fun. Like in the psychodrama group sessions, the intensive weekend brought me a lot of awareness and freedom which is priceless to the important relationships in my life. I also met some great folks and made some beautiful friendships.”

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