Not currently being offered due to COVID – check back in January 2021

12-Steps In Action

Whether you’ve never taken the steps or you’ve taken them dozens of times, this 12-Step Action Workshop can help you explore them in an entirely new way – through action.


  • Experiential approach to working the steps
  • Help motivate people to work the steps, as they deepen their understanding through education and sharing with others.
  • Creates a vehicle through which to explore the 12-steps that support the natural teaching and learning, giving and taking of the program.

When: Saturday’s from 8:30-10:30

  • Week 1 – Intros & Surrender
  • Week 2 – Hope
  • Week 3 – Faith
  • Week 4 – Courage
  • Week 5 – Integrity
  • Week 6 – Willingness
  • Week 7 – Humility
  • Week 8 – Reflection
  • Week 9 – Justice
  • Week 10 – Perseverance
  • Week 11 – Spiritual Awareness
  • Week 12 – Service & Closure

Cost: $35 per session

Who: Please note that if you are in recovery from ANY program, you must have at least 1 year of continuous time (sobriety/clean time/abstinence/solvency, etc.) to attend this workshop, and must have a strong support system in place. Come join us!

R.S.V.P. to 610-838-2880 or

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