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Diane believes that therapy happens best in a special setting that supports a deeper intention to heal and live with authenticity.

Diane often finds that 60-minutes-per-week standard formula for therapy is not appropriate or sufficient to dig deep in order to get to core barriers. Sometimes we need to keep digging in a sustained way for a chunk of time. Personal growth is not an event but a process, and healing sometimes best happens through a process, like taking a journey. For these reasons Diane offers personalized extended individual and group sessions, workshops and intensive weekends.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is a form of creative arts where expressive tools or activities are used to re-enact and recreate situations. Under the guidance of a highly skilled therapist, techniques use: journal, music, guided imagery, props, puppets, art and role playing. By re-experiencing feelings stemming from hurts, (often trauma) we safely unblock stuck feelings. Focusing on releasing emotions, mostly anger, fear, and sadness; but it’s not all about the pain because you will experience fun, laughter and amazing connections too. An internal shift happens affecting the body, mind and spirit. It is recommended for those that want freedom from the past and to live up to your present day full potential. Experiential therapy aims to treat emotions and compulsions. Learn more about experiential therapy from Psychology Today.

Talk Therapy at 3D Therapy in Hellertown, PA

Traditional Talk Therapy

Traditional talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, where you will meet with a licensed professional counselor, who will offer hope and relief from your suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, negative behavior patterns and debilitating feelings.

Ongoing Groups

Ongoing Groups

Ongoing groups are experiential, a form known as action method or psychodrama. It is best described as a blend of talk therapy and theater, although no “acting” experience needed. This highly effective method can be related to past events, present day struggles or future projections. This is a 90-minute group that typically meets once a week. Check out what participants have to say about this group.

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If you are interested in joining my psychodrama group, here are some guidelines for a good candidate:

  • Someone who is willing to remain open, even when it becomes uncomfortable
  • Someone who is able to share in a group setting
  • Someone who has a current support network (such as 12-step) or therapist to assist in processing of what gets uncovered
  • Trauma survivors
  • People in recovery from alcohol, drugs or other addictions

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Workshops are one-day or partial-day events, typically held on a Saturday. Workshops are topic based and experiential in nature. See past topics and stay tuned for more workshops.

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12 Steps

12-Steps In Action

Whether you’ve never taken the steps or you’ve taken them dozens of times, this 12-Step Action Workshop can help you explore them in an entirely new way – through action. This experiential approach helps motivate to work the steps. It deepens understanding through education and sharing with others.


Magic Shop

Magic Shop was developed by J.L. Moreno, the developer of psychodrama. It utilizes group interactions to explore emotions, relationships, wants and desires. It is an exchange for a present day thought or behavior for a more desirable outcome.

What is Psychodrama?

What Is Psychodrama?

Unfamiliar with this method? Come learn how the deep action method explores and corrects issues. This blend of therapy and theater, although no theater experience needed, includes a main character (protagonist) and a re-experiencing through role reversal. You will learn the basic elements and the three phases. Learn more about psychodrama from Psychology Today and GoodTherapy.

Little Me

Little Me
(Inner Child)

This one day workshop helps to gain insight into present day behaviors as it related to childhood wounds. You will explore childhood coping skills and examine healthier coping skills.

It was created by Bill Coleman, TEP, a well-known psychodramatist, trainer, who specialized in addictions.

Mother Wound

Mother Wound

This weekly workshop is a guide for healing your mother wound. Designed for both men and women whose mothers were absent, judgmental, abusive and distant. Seven steps to healing through guided imagery, non-dominant hand drawing and emotional releases.

Karpman Triangle

Karpman Triangle

Explore adult children concepts of victim, persecutor and rescuer. You will explore your go-to defense mechanism used to keep you safe and protect your ego from threat. Upon completion you will be able to define the roles that keep you stuck and prevent you from true intimacy and mutually satisfying relationships.

Intensive Weekends

Intensive Weekends

Intensive weekends are just that… intense. Action method, also known as psychodrama is used throughout the weekend with warm up activities, action and sharing. It is an opportunity to do deep-rooted work that cannot be done in typical sessions. Past participants have commented about how safe and connected they feel at the end of the weekend. It is 17 hours of therapy at an unbelievable low price. Contact us to see if you would be a good fit.

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