3D Therapy

I have been counseling for over 20 years, spent years working with victims of domestic violence, certified in drug and alcohol, helped people with mental wellness, even have a passion for working with bereavement struggles all of which were in a talk therapy setting. In addition to counseling others, I have spent years in and out of personal therapy. With that said, I have never experienced any form of therapy so personally life-alternating and such long-lasting as psychodrama.Magic Shop

How could this be so transformative? I believe that part of the answer lies in a strong desire to move beyond feeling stuck in my old patterns. I find that psychodrama helps to increase my awareness of these patterns in a way that feels safe enough to gain wisdom into the true depths of my emotions. I also believe that the power lies deep within the action method and the support experienced within a group setting. This form of experiential therapy allows me to explore and correct core issues, thus bringing forth a freedom for loving and living better.

If you are interested in joining my psychodrama group, here are some guidelines for a good candidate:

  • Someone who is willing to remain open, even when it becomes uncomfortable
  • Someone who is able to share in a group setting
  • Someone who has a current support network (such as 12-step) or therapist to assist in processing of what becomes uncovered
  • Trauma survivors
  • People in recovery from alcohol, drugs or other addictions

For an example and further explanation, check out this link:  What is Psychodrama