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It's my passion

Why I Love What I Do

As spring becomes in full bloom, it reminds me of growth and aliveness, something I love to see in the people that I help in my daily work. One aspect of my job is running groups; my favorite group is psychodrama group. Many people are unfamiliar with this type of therapy as it is an action method. It’s difficult to describe how healing takes place as it needs to be experienced to understand the full impact of healing.

Earlier today, I was reminded of just how much I believe in this method. A woman participant began to describe patterns that she notices in her life with unhealthy relationships with men. As she told her story, she recalls from age 3, hearing her parents being abusive. She was able to describe various reasons that she could not trust herself with a new relationship, as well as identify methods to learn healthier ways to grow beyond this poor model learned during childhood, repeated in adulthood.

I think back to the week prior when a woman was having difficulty making a decision about what to do this past holiday. We used the “V” method which assists people with using a walk and talk about what would likely happen if she stayed home or went to visit her parents, where the abuse from her childhood happened.

I witness people who initially come into group using so much of their intellectual part of their brain and naturally progress into deeply feeling more fully and openly. I am amazed by how much vulnerability is displayed; the ability to truly trust the other group participants and the deep rooted long-term healing.

I personally feel sheer gratitude that the group members allow me to direct and play a part in their healing journey. Psychodrama feels magical to me and I just love to see the true healing that comes from the experience. And that’s why I love to do what I do.

Diane Morris

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