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inherent value

Inherent Value

Five years ago today, I learned about the concept of “infinite, inherent worth and value”. You can’t lose it or you can’t earn it, it’s mine simply because I was chosen to be on earth. So, this meant the mistakes I made or the “bad” things that I have done, do not go on record; while the good deeds, the people I have helped and things I have given freely, do not go on my record either. It’s not some made up accounting system, either within my own thinking or some other universe. It was very much a foreign concept to me and took me a great deal of time and effort to truly understand what it meant to me. Today, I believe that I possess infinite, inherent worth and value. Today, someone passed on this article, which supports this concept and today I am passing on to you. It’s a must read in my book – enjoy!

Diane Morris

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