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Moving From Darkness

Into Light

Moving From Darkness

Into Light

New Winter Events!

Be sure to check out our upcoming winter events: new groups are forming and a new intensive weekend has been scheduled!


At 3D Therapy, our primary focus and passion is on Group Therapy.  This includes monthly groups, intensive weekends, and workshops.  While we do offer individual therapy, our hope is that individuals will participate in the power of group therapy.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy is a form of therapy where expressive tools or activities are used to re-enact and recreate situations. Under the guidance of a highly skilled therapist, techniques use role-playing, props, or art to uncover emotions that impact present day.

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Ongoing Groups

Ongoing Weekly Groups

Ongoing groups are experiential, a form known as action method or psychodrama. It is best described as a blend of talk therapy and theater, although no “acting” experience needed. This highly effective method can be related to past events, present day struggles or future projections.

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Talk Therapy at 3D Therapy in Hellertown, PA

Traditional Talk Therapy

Traditional talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, where you will meet with a licensed professional counselor, who will offer hope and relief from your suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, negative behavior patterns and debilitating feelings.

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Workshops are one-day or partial-day events, typically held on a Saturday. Workshops are topic based and experiential in nature. See past topics and stay tuned for more workshops.

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Intensive Weekends

Intensive Weekends

Intensive weekends are just that… intense. Action method, also known as psychodrama is used throughout the weekend with warm up activities, action and sharing. It is an opportunity to do deep-rooted work that cannot be done in typical sessions.

About Us

Diane Morris - 3D Therapy In Hellertown, PA

Diane R. Morris

As a skilled experiential therapist, I do more than your typical therapy. I take you on a journey of personal growth, uncovering core barriers that keep you stuck. Gently and safely I will move you out of the darkness and help you see the light of compassion, while the spirit of the 12 Steps will be the guide.

How 3D Therapy Works

Step 1

Readiness for Change

Step 2

Bring Your Willingness & Your Pain

Step 3

Increase Self Love

Step 4


Stories of Success

"The experience to connect my thought pattern deeply rooted within and connecting them to my emotions have been life changing. Participating in this group has allowed me to see firsthand how we work out the places of being “stuck” and to experience it inside myself. Powerful!"

"Diane’s guidance helped me find my way out of the darkness. It was not easy working through the guilt, fear, anger and sorrow that corroded my life, but it was entirely worth it. By the end of our two years working together I felt rejuvenated in a way that I…Read More

"Where do I start? First of all, I am eternally grateful for all that you (Diane) have shown me. You’ve helped bring me to where I am today, one step closer to my recovery. You’ve made me laugh; made me cry and made me feel the love I was never…Read More

"I began working with Diane to learn how to manage my anger, understand my emotions a little bit better, find balance in my life, create boundaries in my relationships, and learn to embrace the major life decisions involved with a major change in career path. In just under a year…Read More

"The psychodrama class was very therapeutic and rewarding for me. The intimate connection with the group allowed me to relax and trust the process. Diane’s guidance and leadership in the group gave me the strength and confidence to fully participate. The process of having individuals embody some of my behaviors…Read More

"Moving darkness to light is exactly what Diane has done for me along my personal healing journey. Her compassion and skills, coupled with psychodrama therapy helped move me toward a healthier and happier self. I am forever grateful for Diane's experience, strength, and hope that she offers her clients in…Read More

"Although I’ve worked with other therapists at various times in my life, Diane is like no other. She’s kind, compassionate and is willing to go to those “difficult places” that most folks wouldn’t want to go to. She’s interested in healing the whole of me and not just a particular…Read More

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